Meet Eddie



Eddie spends his days quietly and faithfully caring for the land and animals at Bonton Farms. Having spent 27 years in solitary confinement during incarceration, Eddie sees the world differently than almost anyone. 

When he first joined the team, he was very hesitant to trust — or speak to — anyone. Rebuilding trust takes time, and having the opportunity to connect with nature, and especially animals, allowed Eddie to grow and regain his voice again.

 Today, if you ask him how his day is going, he just might indulge you in what sounds like poetry about the plants he’s working with or the animals he's caring for. For someone who had almost no one to talk to for 27 years, he certainly has found a way with words.

Eddie now serves as one of our Livestock Farmers here at Bonton Farms and will be the first resident of our new Tiny Home Village, an initiative created to pave the way for individuals to homeownership. We're grateful to know him and encourage you to come meet him for yourself!



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