Meet Hattie


At Bonton Farms, our core values include love, courage, and excellence. Hattie embodies each of those qualities. You’ll never meet anyone quite like her because she is boldly and bravely herself.

 Hattie currently works in our Preservatory making jams, pickles, and the like, but her entrepreneurial spirit is contagious. For years, she noticed many young mothers struggling to keep up with the expense of diapers and desperately sought to find a solution. In 2019, she founded "Hattie's Dried Goods," a nonprofit with the mission to collect and distribute diapers, wipes, formula, and baby clothes to mothers in need.

In 2020, she met jewelry maker Angela Hazelip who recognized Hattie’s creativity and offered to teach her a skill she knew nothing about — jewelry making. Hattie quickly discovered a deep passion for this creative outlet and sought Angela’s mentorship in starting a venture of her own. In 2021, Hattie established “Harmony & Co.,” selling necklaces, bracelets, and napkin rings to Bonton Farms as well as directly to customers.

Witnessing Hattie incorporate her passion and vibrant spirit into her art is incredible — having her influence in our community is the true gift, and we are the lucky ones.



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